Modfather supercompilation

Milano mods Lambretta (on Oasis' Be Here Now), with also the Gallaghers performing The Jam's Carnation with Paul Weller, some covers (Beatles, Bacharach, etc.) and some by The Style Council. 
40 songs, more than 2 hours.
It's until 2008, I didn't listen much to the last 2 albums, I think the old ones are better



Ricordo del mio primo incontro con Paul: era una giornata piovosa inglese :), in strada ci incontriamo, solo io e lui...ci guardiamo fissi... Papà! ... Figlio mio!
Marco, il sosia ufficiale :D (quando era giovane...)
Paul pick
Paul tracklist
"You do something to me"

"Have you made up your mind"

"All I wanna do (is be with you)"
"Echoes round the sun" (featuring Noel Gallagher & Gem Archer, Oasis)
"Empty ring"
"Song for Alice"
"Above the clouds" (Glastonbury 2007)
"English rose"
"Wishing on a star" (cover)

"The loved" (live)
Paul Weller & Amy Winehouse "I heard it through the grapevine" (Jools Holland live)
"Broken stones" (Glastonbury 2007) + "Happy day" :) (and final cows :)
notice Italy scarf "FORZA ITALIA" :))) next to Paul

"Going places" acoustic version, with Gem Archer (Oasis)
"Paris match" (The Style Council), version with final French words
Noel Gallagher cover of "To be someone" + Paul Weller "No one in the world" (The Jam)
"Wild wood" (Glastonbury 2007)
"Wings of speed" (with Carleen Anderson & Jhelisa Anderson)

"It's a very deep sea" (The Style Council)
"Carnation" (with Liam & Noel Gallagher from Oasis)
"Wild blue yonder"
"From the floorboards up"
"Thinking of you" (cover, live)
"Sexy Sadie", Beatles cover
Milan, 28/11/2002
"One times one", with Noel Gallagher from Oasis playing drums & bass
"Bag man"
"The butterfly collector"
"The start of forever"
"Peacock suit"
"Going places" with England-Milan colours



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